December 2018
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Organised Olive, spring 2019 issue 1

Our resident agony aunt Organised Olive is here to assist you with your event dilemmas. Just send her a question and she’ll be happy to impart her knowledge.

I’m at my wits end! How do I cater for a variety of personality types all within one team building day? I haven’t yet been able to find one activity that pleases everyone. We have those who like to be outdoors, those who like to be indoors, those who like making things, those who like mental puzzles and those who are management and just want to boss everyone around! Any bright ideas?

Linda, Hampshire

Dear Linda,

Oh dear, you do sound fed up. Put your feet up for 5 minutes, have a cuppa and by the end of reading this letter we’ll have a smile back on your face. I know for myself that planning a team experience day can be a very lonely experience and afterwards whoever you didn’t please could turn you into a social leper. However, the answer to your problem is an activity called Code Cracker. This one is a crowd pleaser. With only a code board as a guide, teams need to work out what challenges they have to do to earn parts of the code. HQ is based inside, but the activities are located both indoors and outdoors and the team have to make their way around the challenges to crack the final code. However, not everyone in the team can leave HQ to do each challenge so this becomes a real test of team management and fitting skills against challenges (for the bossy ones). Who will be the clever brainy one who can crack the final code?

Kindest regards,


P.S I haven’t forgotten about those who like making things, they are covered by Code Cracker too but I can’t give away any hints on the challenges (for those have a look at the brochure…!)