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For almost 20 years, Fruitful have been relied upon by some of the world’s leading companies to deliver exclusive interactions that make their people and their clients feel a valued part of the team.

Our knowledge of events, and experience of working with passionate artisans, has been enhanced with experts from the worlds of television, technology and digital media to bring you an eclectic mix of premium events and virtual interactions that deliver rich and rewarding experiences, all with genuine and ‘real’ interactivity.

Fruitful @ Home

Hosted completely online by one of our professional experts these exclusive, virtual events offer the opportunity to sit back, interact, be entertained or even to learn a new skill… all brought to you from the comfort of your own home with no geographical limitations.

Fruitful Face-to-Face

Get the team together for a truly memorable experience at one of our out and about live events either during the day or into the evening.

You can rely on us to deliver

Our clients include

What they are saying

The team loved their interactive experience – especially when the ‘big box’ arrived – it was like Christmas morning!

a big success, our team had great fun! I was responsible alone for the team event but never felt alone thanks to your team!

Fruitful met the goals I was looking to achieve for the team & I was grateful for their engagement & pre & after care service as well

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