Covid-19 Secure Statement

Crescendo/Fruitful are committed to identifying and implementing suitable and sufficient control measures to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19 to the lowest possible level between Crescendo/Fruitful staff and clients. These control measures will include:

  • Crescendo/Fruitful will obtain any current UK.Gov/HSE guidance on social distancing, separation distances etc.
  • Where practicable Crescendo/Fruitful will configure the event space within the event venue and adjust working practices to facilitate reasonable social distancing.
  • Crescendo/Fruitful will engage with the venue’s management to identify what existing COVID-19 control measures are in place and the suitability and effectiveness of these controls.
  • Crescendo/Fruitful will ensure that suitable cleaning regimes are in place within the venue.
  • Crescendo/Fruitful will put in place succession management planning for all key event management and any technical delivery roles.