January 2019
This is article is a 'blast from the past' so its appearance may change as time goes by & we update our website.

Fruitful movement and mindfulness, spring 2019 issue 1

In previous years our company challenges have seen us raise money and support very worthy causes. This year we decided to commit to our team and their wellbeing. The subject of mental and physical health is everywhere in the media and having teamed up with a wonderful mindful company towards the end of last year for some of our products, we decided to invest in the health of our team. Anyone who works in the events industry knows how long the hours can be and how we spend every minute looking after clients and delegates and not always ourselves. That is the nature of the job we love and wouldn’t change it, but we hope to provide tools to our team that make the stressful times and long hours easier to deal with.

Each team member has made a commitment to movement and mindfulness for the year. We have each set a goal for ourselves to achieve by December (it can be mental or physical) and as we are doing it as a company to are able to nudge and support each other. We have learned that if you write something down you are 50% more likely to achieve it but if you tell someone else then you are 75% more likely to reach your goal. As we have all shared our challenges with each other there is nowhere to hide!

For those who chose physical goals, we are able to continue our love of walking by getting together at lunch times and weekends to get out and stretch our legs. For those who have mental goals (and we feel privileged that they have been willing to share those with everyone) we now have a better understanding as how we can support those colleagues from a work and personal point of view.

As team activities go this is one team experience that won’t be over in a day and we are all happy with that. The things that matter in life take time and the team will benefit in every area of their lives. We also hope that we can pass on the skills that we learn to others. We will keep you updated on how we are progressing and hopefully at the end of the year we will be able as a team to wear some of our wonderful new medals!!