May 2020

Introducing Fruitful Virtual Interactions

Special offer: if you confirm 2 interactions with us (which are interchangeable e.g. one wellness, one quiz, one magic etc.) your 3rd is complimentary, (we’re calling it COVID Free!). This will give your team a series of professional interactions, with longevity, as support during these unprecedented and difficult times. You simply need to confirm your interactions before September, to be delivered before the end of the year. It really is that simple…


Fruitful virtual interactions

While for many life has taken a rather abrupt stop, we have been delighted to hear from many of you who are keen to keep your teams engaged during these strange and unprecedented times. With more than 15 years in the industry, and a real desire from our clients who have relied on us to create unique team activities for their teams, it seemed only right that we turned our hand to adapting some of our market leading products to options that can keep the team together… only online!

The result of this is a collection of unique and engaging products which we have compiled in our latest brochure ‘Get the virtual team together’, attached. We are pleased to offer a variety of products, as well as some handy tips to survive or even thrive during these unusual times, highlights include:

  • A fully hosted Murder mystery experience
  • A live and interactive magic show
  • Quizmania – complete with a quizmaster and live marking – we run 2 sessions as standard at your chosen time
  • Wellbeing workshops – to support your team with their mind, body and soul

As well as offering a professional webcasting service to should you need to communicate with your teams.

We hope you enjoy the brochure (with costs included) and insights from our experts, do let us know if we are able to help you and your teams.

In the meantime stay safe and connected and we hope to see you in person soon, and on line even sooner!

With very best wishes
Russell and the Fruitful team