March 2019
This is article is a 'blast from the past' so its appearance may change as time goes by & we update our website.

Editors letter – independent, spring 2019 issue 1

It is an undisputed fact that the way we buy is changing. Not only is the digital world playing a more and more important role in both marketing and purchasing of goods and services, but increasingly large corporations are owning huge market shares. Sometimes this is very obvious (think Amazon) and other times sub-brands are not linked so you can be unaware that they are connected. In the event world this applies to hotel chains, agencies and caterers. There is no denying that these industry giants have much to offer.

So where does that leave the small independents? As a business we use the services of small, independently owned businesses as well as some of the larger players. As an independent agency ourselves, we feel it is our responsibility to offer our clients the best solution possible. ‘Best’ has many facets – value is one of course but also creativity, quality, flexibility and innovation play a part in our selection of partners. This issue we have chosen to celebrate just a handful of our wonderful independent partners who help us to continue to offer wonderful service and great new products to you, our clients.

Julia and Russell