July 2018
This is article is a 'blast from the past' so its appearance may change as time goes by & we update our website.

Editors letter – challenges, summer 2018 issue 2

Welcome to another Fruitful Team Events newsletter. We have been thinking about challenges. To us a challenge is something that is neither easy nor impossible … but equally it is there to be conquered and overcome. Professionally these challenges come to us in a variety of forms – perhaps it is a group that has ‘done everything’ or perhaps the group is so diverse that it seems impossible to please anyone (let alone everyone).

Often, I am sorry to say, someone’s previous experience of team building gives them a negative pre-conception and that needs to change. In the words of one delegate this year “team building has no scientific proof and therefore it is not a valid exercise”.

For our delegates we often invent challenges to move them into a reactive team environment and give them the best team experience possible. Without doubt those that embrace those challenges, suspend their disbelief and fully participant in the activity are the ones who get the most value from our events. Nonetheless, our own measure of success is that we have provided an event that conquers the challenges of the brief and gives a great outcome.

Not only do we thrive on this constant challenge, but we take pride in our resilience to challenges as a team. A busy year has thrown its own challenges at us, but we are thriving and enjoying each and every event. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our world through the following articles.

Julia and Russell.