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Poet's Corner Virtual Team Interaction

Poet’s Corner

For those with a more literary leaning, our Spontaneous Poetry Show works brilliantly for any size of audience.

Within each show, there will be improvised poems based on audience generated “random words”, some themed ones (either topical, about the group, or about individual members of the audience) and finishing with a spontaneous poem that features at least 10 of their chosen words.

We also offer a fun and inspiring Poetry Workshop. Within 45 minutes, every person will surprise themselves by writing a ‘brilliant’ poem. The workshop also includes a short Spontaneous Poetry Show at the start and end.

You can even commission a bespoke poem for your group. You’ll send words and ideas for this customised poem which will be pre-written and pre-approved by you. This can then be performed as part of either of the above events.

  • Action
  • Competitive
  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Entertainment
  • Experiential
  • Just for fun
  • Charitable twist
  • Great for the team (internal)
  • Works with clients (external)
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