January 2019
This is article is a 'blast from the past' so its appearance may change as time goes by & we update our website.

New products,spring 2019 issue 1

The start of 2019 heralds the new version of the Fruitful Team Events brochure. Those of you who know us well will know that we review our products every year to make sure that we are offering the best events. This year we add:

Code Cracker – Designed less than a year ago this flexible board-based team game offers large and small groups a competitive challenge. Team sizes can be from 6-12 and the game can be played inside and outside or completely inside depending on the venue and time of year. Our bespoke code board provides teams will all the information they need to ‘earn’ time before the fast code cracking finale.

Mindful Movement – Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 12 months, you cannot fail to have noticed the increasing focus on mental health in the workplace. Events offer companies an opportunity to make incremental, positive changes to their people’s mindset. Try our mind retreat, a HIIT session or ideally a smart combination of both (see our Fruitful Movement and Mindfulness article to see that we practise what we preach).

For the rest of our activities please look at our ‘What We Do’ section or to discuss our products in greater detail please call us on 01753 839 329 or email us at freshideas@fruitfulevents.co.uk.