December 2017
This is article is a 'blast from the past' so its appearance may change as time goes by & we update our website.

‘Coolest’ event of the year, spring 2018 issue 1

We are proud to be partnered with some of the best in the business, experts in their field who add that extra bit of magic and sparkle to our events.

Bespoke Event: Ice Skating with the Stars

Star/expert: Vicky Ogden, professional ice skater of three series of Dancing on Ice

When: December 2017

Where: Natural History Museum, London

Brief: Festive team activity

In October we were contacted by a repeat client who had a little challenge for us. Having already enjoyed wine tasting and Dragon Boat racing with us, they wanted us to come up with a festive activity for them to do in December.

After providing several ideas they decided on ice skating, but they wanted to add a Fruitful twist as a special end of year treat for the team. Our twist was to have a professional pair of ice skaters teach them a routine which they would then perform and be judged on.

As always, the activity started with a briefing and extra emphasis on health and safety. All participants had to complete a disclaimer before they were allowed on the ice and the First Aiders were pointed out in case of injury. (Thankfully we are pleased to be able to confirm no one hurt themselves on the day!).

The venue for the event was the very iconic and impressive Natural History Museum in London and its famous seasonal ice rink. We had organised for the group to have not only the rink exclusively for 2 hours but also a VIP area at the restaurant rink side for the group to enjoy the viewing platform.

Following the briefing the group were taken onto the ice to learn how to warm up properly (and some of them how to stand on ice for the first time!). After the warm up, a lesson was provided on how to do some basic moves that would lead into them doing a small routine. Once the routine was in place the group were then allowed time to rehearse, with the experts moving around the groups providing their expertise.

Once rehearsal time was over the group was split into 2 teams for the competition. Each group performed their routine and were judged by the very friendly and non-mean panel!!

To end their time on the ice the group were given some free time to skate at leisure. When they were finished they made their way up to the VIP viewing platform to enjoy some much-deserved Mulled wine while we had the ice cleaned and re-polished.

The finale of the event was the incredible routine put on by the professionals.